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UPDATE June 1st 2016:

Hi everybody,

I have retired the kingpin:// URL thing in favor of my new Kingpin server browser "
which allows joining the servers by clicking the "M" links on the server list at ==>

Get M-Browser =>HERE or =>HERE



UPDATED VERSION 2, March 9 2016:

Hi folks,

I figured out how to launch Kingpin and connect to a server by clicking a link like e.g.:
in a browser in Windows (tested with Win 7 + 10).

For it to work, you need to tell your windows how to open kingpin:// links:

1. Download and unpack (attached here, see link in the bottom of this message)

2. Copy file kingpin_url.bat to your Kingpin directory, where the kingpin.exe is.

3. Edit the file kingpin_register_url.reg and change the following line to match the path to your kingpin.exe:

@="\"C:\\Games\\Kingpin\\kingpin_url.bat\" \"%1\""

(You need to change only this bit: C:\\Games\\Kingpin
Make sure you use double backslash as in my file)

4. Save kingpin_register_url.reg, then doubleclick it to add the file to your windows registry.

That's it

I added the links to my server list at

Click the Kingpin Logo on the right next to the server names to get connected directly!


Alternatively, you can install qtracker ( Once installed, you can click the "q" next to a server name to connect.

Another option is to click the "bat" link next to a kingpin server. This will generate a batch file that you can copy to your kingpin directory to connect to a server by simply doubleclicking it.

You can also manually connect to a server by going to the Gang Bang menu in the game. Then open the address book and add servers manually.

There's also links in the top area of the page which allow you to generate these address book entries and then add them to your Kingpin config file.

The original gamespylite client that came with the game has been updated to work again, too.
You can download it here: >>gamespylite


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