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Hi folks,

I have released a server browser that reads the server list from

It's the easiest way to play Kingpin online! Once installed, you can even join thru this website.

You can download the current version here:


Unzip the file Kingpin_M_Browser.exe to your Kingpin directory, where the kingpin.exe is, e.g. c:\Program Files\Kingpin (if the file already exists, overwrite it.)

Then doubleclick the file, no setup required!

Because of the wrapper that I packed the exe file with, it is possible you might get a virus warning on the file.
This is a "false positive" warning and happens because malicious software is often packed using the same wrapper,
so you may need to allow M-Browser in your anti-virus software.
Please always make sure you have the latest version of M-Browser to avoid that.

Please always make sure you have the latest version of M-Browser which you can find at
M-Browser can also update itself. (Start M-Browser, then type "u" and press ENTER.)

# M-Browser
# version history

# v1.9n, November 17 2020
- updated offline fallback list

# v1.9m, October 24 2020
- fixed MOTD formatting
- improved add/remove own servers menu
- updated offline fallback list

# v1.9l, May 06 2020
- improved OFFLINE mode
- updated offline fallback list

# v1.9k, September 08 2019
- improved OFFLINE mode. (M-Browser is run in offline mode when it cannot receive a server list from OR when you run it like this: "Kingpin_M_Browser.exe o" OR when you type "o" from M-Browser's menu.)
- updated offline fallback list

# v1.9j, June 25 2019
- updated offline fallback list

# v1.9i, April 8 2019
- updated offline fallback list

# v1.9h, December 19 2018
- updated offline fallback list

# v1.9g, October 9 2018
- updated offline fallback list

# v1.9f, July 27 2017
- updated offline fallback list
- changed some menu texts
- continuing to try to avoid false positive Anti Virus warnings

# v1.9e, May 8 2017
- fixed menu bug

# v1.9d, May 8 2017
- fixed bug with player count

# v1.9c, May 8 2017
- added option to connect to manually entered IP:port
(to connect to servers that are not in the list)

# v1.9b, May 7 2017
- re-compiled to avoid false positive virus warnings

# v1.9a, February 24 2017
- updated offline fallback list with current servers

# v1.9, November 7 2016
- updated offline fallback list with current servers

# v1.8, June 5 2016
- server admins: -added "add/remove servers" option to add/remove/exclude your servers to/from the server list
- added command line options that can be used in a batch file to add/remove/exclude servers on server start/stop (for details on this, start the program, then type "s" and then press ENTER)
- added help texts
- updated offline fallback list
- some bug fixes
- added help texts

# v1.7, June 1 2016
- added support to join servers per URLs. you can now activate the "M" links on the server list page at
once activated, you can simply join a server by clicking the "M" icon next to a server in the list on the webpage (just check out the page if you don't know what i am talking about )
- you may have to run M-Browser as Administrator when you activate the links initially, as otherwise the changes might not be written to the registry.
(Once you have the links working you don't need to activate them again. You also don't need to run M-Browser to click the M links.
you may have to restart your browser for changes to take effect after initially activating the links.)
- the following key is created in the registry to make the links work; delete that to deactivate the links again:
that's the only change made by M-Browser. other than that it doesnt touch any of your files!

# v1.6, May 31 2016
- improved update process
- added more servers to offline fallback server list

# v1.5, May 30 2016
- added option to upgrade when a new version of M-Browser is released!
- added link to provide feedback or bug reports

# v1.4, May 30 2016
- added option to switch between offline fallback list and live list any time
- added download link to latest version when a new version of M-Browser is released
- added misc links (e.g. chat,,

# v1.3, May 30 2016
- added highlighting for servers with players online

# v1.2, May 29 2016
- added fallback server list of known servers, which will be displayed when no live server list can be retrieved from the server list at
( to start M-Browser in offline mode, run it like this: "Kingpin_M_Browser.exe o" )
- added version checking (a message is displayed when a new version of M-Browser is available)
- added MOTD. Used to e.g. display a countdown to the next game or to push any other message to clients
- removed fixed console position

# v1.1, May 28 2016
- added fixed position for the console window (removed in 1.2)
- added totals for number of players and servers online

# v1.0 (has no version number), May 27 2016
- retrieves Kingpin server list from
- shows current map and number of players
- offers menu to connect to servers and to refresh list

M-Browser is independent from qtracker or gamespy, so it works even when all that is down

Your version of Kingpin needs to be updated to the latest version 1.21 which you can get >here


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